Holidays in Crete for couples

Crete is the largest and most amazing island in Greece. Crete is the island where Zeus was born, and the Minotaur lived. This island is home to the most famous mountain canyon in Europe. Three seas wash Сrete at once Cretan, Ionian and Libyan. There are incredibly beautiful beaches along the shores of each of the seas.

The island of Crete has been a place where couples love to spend their holidays and enjoy beautiful views for several years now.

Crete climate and weather

Crete has a Mediterranean climate. The swimming season here begins in mid-April and ends in mid-November. The best time to travel to Crete is from June to September.

Crete beaches and sea

Three seas favor the shores of Crete: in the west, they are washed by the Ionian Sea, in the north by the Aegean, and in the south and east by the Mediterranean. Sometimes the northern waters are called the Cretan Sea, and the southern waters are called the Libyan Sea (these are parts of the Mediterranean Sea). The water warms up very quickly, so already in mid-April, the first tourists arrange a swim off the Cretan coast.

The beaches in Crete have different coverage – there are sandy, pebble, and mixed areas. Perhaps the most favorite beach among vacationers is Elafonisi. Couples come here to the south of Crete – the entrance to the water is very smooth, and the sand is soft, light pink. Lovers of white sand, palm trees and silence choose the eastern Wai Beach. 

Divers come to Balos Bay looking for pirate treasures in a sunken ship. In the capital of the island – in Heraklion – the popular sandy and pebble beach of Paleokastro is located. In the Chania region, two beaches are noteworthy: Falasarna and Frangokastello (near the Venetian fortress).

Where to stay in Crete?

It is necessary to book accommodation in Crete in advance. There is a large selection of luxury villas in Crete for young couples. Each couple can choose a villa according to their budget and preferences. Crete luxury villas are famous for their comfort and access to one of the three seas. You will feel comfortable and enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Cretan cuisine

Cretan cuisine is famous for its seafood and vegetables. Be sure to stop by the restaurant and try the fish, octopus, shrimp and snails. Goats and sheep are raised in Crete, so the cheese and meat are always fresh and delicious.

Try ofto grilled lamb or goat meat; skafiani lamb with cottage cheese; delicious fried kalitsounia pies with white cheese filling. Homemade wine, tsikoudia, and ouzo are served for the meal. You can try all these dishes at the “Cretan evening” the tables will burst with dishes, and the eyes will delight in national dances.

The last few words

Crete is a great place to spend a vacation with your soul mate. Book luxury villas in Crete and enjoy your holiday. We are confident that every couple will find something interesting to do on the island, taste the local cuisine and visit the wonderful beaches.

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